“Fiyah” is Fire pronounced with a Jamaican accent.

Nothing is quite like the Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper. Shaped like a hat once worn by Scottish immigrants to the Caribbean island, ripened on the vine to the color of the mid-day tropical sun, the “Scotchie” is blessed with a bracingly intense heat that, for all its searing power, never overwhelms the naturally fruity flavor that shines through with every tongue tingling taste. For those reasons, the Scotch Bonnet is the only pepper suitable for Fiyah Jelly™, the best thing you ever laid a lip on.

Fiyah Jelly™ is a generations old family recipe from Jamaica brought to the US and now available to you. Brewed with precision from only 5 ingredients, it contains no preservatives, added colors or flavors, and no GMO ingredients.

Fiyah Jelly™ makes everything better!! As much flavor and heat as it has, Fiyah Jelly™ never covers the flavor of anything it touches. Fiyah Jelly™ is the ultimate flavor enhancer. Anywhere you would use a hot sauce, you can use Fiyah Jelly™. Swirl Fiyah Jelly™ into soups and stews, use it lightly as a spread in sandwiches. Drizzle it over a wheel of brie or mix it with creamy cheeses to make an otherworldly dip. Include it in marinades and rubs, or use it as a finishing glaze when grilling, baking, and broiling. It works beautifully on beef, pork, lamb, chicken, shrimp, fish, and vegetables. It is a revelation with eggs! The only limit to how you can use Fiyah Jelly™ is set by you.

Fiyah up the flavors of your life with Fiyah Jelly™!!